Isabella Bird's Garden


Spatterdock is a spacious and comfortable lake house with a spectacular view of Alligator Bayou. Decorated with a unique collection of Caddo memorabilia, Spatterdock provides visitors with a large living area, well-equipped kitchen, three bedrooms, two baths (and an outdoor shower), all centrally heated and cooled. The screened porch, (with a painted floor mural) offers guests a restful spot to pause and absorb the sights and sounds that are Caddo Lake. Spatterdock can accommodate as many as nine.

Spatterdock's long meandering pier leads guests down a boardwalk and into the serenity of mothering cypress trees, draped in Spanish Moss.

New at Spatterdock: the installation of the vintage Volkswagon, titled Baby Buddha and the Teapots. The 1976 VW is entirely tiled with dinner plate shards and colored glass. It's "home" is and open chapel-like structure, with colorful butterflies hanging within. It's all about bringing a smile to your face and adding to your enjoyment of the light hearted spirit found in Uncertain, TX.


The spatterdock is the most common of the lily pads. The dark green pad lays flat on the water and produces a yellow, globe-shaped flower.
126 North Mossy Brake Road - Uncertain, TX 75661
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