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A visit to Caddo lake is an adventure back in time to an ancient waterway of mysterious intrigue. Settled on the banks of Texas' only natural lake, Spatterdock Guest Houses welcome you to unwind, relax and explore the untamed beauty that is Caddo Lake.
Seven cottages, of various sizes, each of the Spatterdock Guest Houses offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy Caddo Lake accommodations, with distinctly unique styles. Six of the cottages are located on Taylor Island, an old and offbeat settlement with a fascinating history. The seventh is found in a peaceful and very private setting on Goose Prairie.

Spatterdock is owned and operated by Dottie Carter. She welcomes you to Uncertain, Texas and Spatterdock Guest houses. She wants to share her "little bit of paradise" on Caddo Lake. Dottie lives at Wildfern, on Taylor Island.

Photo Courtesy of John Goldman

Photo Courtesy of John Goldman


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Caddo Lake
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