A visit to Caddo Lake is an adventure back in time to an ancient waterway of mysterious intrigue. Settled on the shores of Texas' only natural lake, Spatterdock Guest Houses welcome you to unwind, relax and explore the untamed beauty that is Caddo Lake.

Six different houses to choose from, each of the Spatterdock Guest Houses offers you the opportunity for gracious lake house accommodations with distinct and unique style.

Billy and Dottie Carter welcome you to Uncertain, Texas and Spatterdock Guest Houses. They want to share with you their "little bit of paradise", they call Caddo Lake. The Carter's live at Wildfern, their "Dogtrot" home on Taylor Island.

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Lake Tours

Johnson's Ranch gives the best tours of Caddo Lake!!!
For large groups, pontoon tours are available.
For groups of 1-4, we recommended our more exciting Go-Devil Tours, that take you into the back sloughs and recesses of the lake.
Groups are not mixed, your tour will be only for your party.
Excellent fishing guides are also available at Johnson's Ranch.
Billy Carter owns and operates Johnson's Ranch Marina. The oldest inland marina in Texas, Johnson's has been meeting the needs of sportsmen since 1903. Services includes boat, canoe and kayak rentals. Live bait, snacks, and cold drinks. All are sold in the little store. And, a great over-the-water pavilion welcomes you to chill out and watch the water go by.
A trip to Johnson's Ranch is a must when you visit Uncertain, Texas if, for nothing else, just to experience the atmosphere.

Johnson's Ranch has the only boat gasoline on Caddo Lake. Their 93 Octane Super Unleaded will keep your motors running smoothly.


Must watch video by Capt. Danny Sullivan of Mud Port on Caddo Lake
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