A 40s house, paneled with knotty pine of that era, works well for five people.

Built in the 30s and originally a fishing camp. Accommodates as many as 9.

Water Lily
This is our "Honeymoon" cottage. It's just right for two.

The Gallery
The Gallery is a splendid Caddo Lake retreat, spaciously featuring 4 bedrooms and 2 and a half baths on the main floor of the two story structure, full kitchen, comfortable living area, modern kitchen and a peaceful screened porch overlooking the garden, called Frog Town.
This cottage accommodates 12.

Barnstormer is another of Spatterdock's larger houses. Within an exterior, barnlike building, there is an interior with a unique "WOW" factor. Original art work is included throughout the cottage.

Frog Trot Guest House
Unique and cleverly furnished, Frog Trot joins the Spatterdock Guest Houses, offering pleasurable visits to Caddo Lake. Frog Trot sleeps 6.


High in the sky, a little treehouse cabin has been added to the Spatterdock Guest House family. Climb your way up the steps to a charming and highly functional tiny house. This cleverly decorated cottage has a queen bed, fully appointed kitchen, bath with a shower, and sitting porch. Cricket has access to all the docks and amenities that the other cottages have.


Welcome to Dragonfly, our cute little cottage filled with dragonfly pizazz. This cabin is small in size but generous in good spirit. You are neighbors to The Gallery, another one of our cottages and are welcome to share their fire ring, Frog Town Garden and the secretive Cane Brake.
Introductory offer: $100 per night, plus tax.

Wildfern is the home of Dottie Carter and the office of Spatterdock. Lost Dog Walk is located on the waterside of Wildfern. Guests are invited to enjoy this pier. Park at, or walk to, Wildfern. Pass through Isabella's Garden on the right side of the house where a path will take you to the pier.
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