Welcome to Dragonfly, our cute little cottage filled with dragonfly pizzaz.This cabin is small in size but generous in good spirit. You are neighbors to The Gallery, another one of our cottages and are welcome to share their fire ring, Frog Town Garden and the secretive Cane Brake.

Dragonfly features a vaulted ceiling, with braided rope trim and cypress covered beams. A small kitchen provides all that is needed, stove, fridge, microwave, coffee pot, with coffee and condiments. The bath has a small shower. A larger outdoor shower is on the back porch; showering under the stars is making memories. The living area/bed room is furnished with a small sofa, tv, and twin beds that easily slide together to make a queen. And, a special feature is a "French Quarters" garden at the back cabin. It is a magical place, paved with Arkansas flagstone, featuring plantings and the colorful mosaics by Dottie Carter.

Your water access is at Wildfern, Dottie Carter's home, directly across the road from Dragonfly. Walk to the right of the house, through Isabella Bird's Garden, following the rock path to Lost Dog Walk. The dock is for your use, day or night.

Kayaks and canoes are at Spatterdock, also across the road. (Look for Baby Buddha and the Teapots art car.) Spatterdock is at 126 N. Mossy Brake Road 75661.Water craft and equipment are located lakefront at Spatterdock on the right side of the launch area. Jon boats are in the boathouse.

The Gallery, next door to Dragonfly, has WiFi. You may have to be in the yard to find the service.
Password 9876543210.

Introductory offer: $100 per night, plus tax.



116 North Mossy Brake Road - Uncertain, TX 75661
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