Hosts: Billy and Dottie Carter

Dottie shares her creative, whimsical spirit with plantings and mosaics. Follow the rock path through the garden and out on the pier, Lost Dog Walk, to sit among the giant cypress. Dottie's latest project is the rejuvenation of a little dock house called Whangdoodle. Dottie's mosaics can be seen in the form of VW bugs, starting at the arrival point of Uncertain (Wanda Warmouth) and all around Taylor Island where most of the Spatterdock cottages are located.

Billy and Dottie own and operate Johnson's Ranch Marina, a favorite spot for locals and visitors to get together to enjoy the large over-the-water deck and share ideas. Johnson's has boat tours, pontoon boats for larger groups and for 4 or less, Go-Devil tours that can take guests into the depths of the largest bald cypress swamp in the South. Johnson's gives individual tours, not blended parties. Fishing trips, boat launching, boat rentals, live bait and snacks and drinks are also available.

The Carter's Caddo Outpost, Uncertain's little grocery store, may have everything that you forgot to pack for your trip. You might find anything from saltine crackers to balsamic vinegar. Served daily are home cooked meals and a variety of sandwiches.

Both Billy and Dottie were raised on Caddo. Billy has been guiding, fishing and hunting for 35 years and enjoys telling of his lake adventures, ranging from spending foggy nights lost in the swamp to spanking beavers for blocking his favorite fishing hole.

Dottie has written two books, Good Indians, Strong and Brave, about her rambunctious youth and The Fireball of Caddo Lake, Beer Smith, her memoirs of growing up on Caddo Lake with her father as a somewhat eccentric mentor. The books can be bought locally or ordered through Amazon. 903-789-3268

Around Uncertain, you'll probably catch a glimpse of Billy and Dottie, cruising the lake in a boat, or the roads on motorcycles. Wave them down and say hello!


168 N. Mossy Brake Road, Uncertain, Texas 75661

Telephone: 903.789.3268


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