Art Installations

Dottie Carter and her pal, Patty Lovelace, with their creative and whimsical spirits, create mosaic pieces, large and small. Entering downtown Uncertain, you are welcomed by "Wanda Warmouth", a Volkswagon bug, appropriately repurposed as a fish

Most of the friends' work are on Taylor Island, where all but one of the Spatterdock Guest Houses are located. VWs can be seen near the road at Frog Trot (Super Heroes), Barnstormer (Volksfroggin) and Spatterdock (Baby Buddha and the Teapots).

Wildfern is the home of Billy and Dottie Carter and the office of Spatterdock Guest Houses. You are welcome to park and walk through the yard, enjoying the colorful greehouse and miniature VW caught in the web of a long-legged, redbodied, juju spider.

For more creations, walk to the right of the house, through Isabella Bird's Garden to check out more capricious art objects, including another VW (Electric Blue).

Follow the rock walk from the garden to the dock. Passing the little Dr. Suess house, go to the end where you can sit and take in the sounds and sights that are Caddo Lake.

It is mandatory to grow old but optional to grow up !!!




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