Isabella Bird's Garden
Having pulled in this share of "large mouths" from around the big cypress, Bill now prefers "catching" to "fishing". He enjoys taking out groups, including families with children, physically challenged, and anyone who wants to sit back, relax and "rip lips".
Fishing is at its best and most productive during the yellow bass run. Yellow bass, often called bar fish or stripes, are plentiful, usually from November through April. It isn't unusual to anchor in one spot and catch a hundred of these little good eating fish. Fishing from the comfort of a pontoon boat, four or more can fish at the same time. When the yellows are biting, the fisherman will either catch a fish or miss a fish with each bait drop.
White bass are great to catch at the same time of the year and even into the summer, when Billy trolls the Big Lake for these dandies. Bream and Goggle Eyes are good for summer fishing, and crappie bite best in later winter and the autumn.
Billy Carter is fun to fish with. Many fishermen return to fish with him annually just to enjoy his witty conversation and uncanny luck. Billy's motto is, "A bad day of fishing beats a good day of work!"

Cost: $300 for two for a four hour trip. Each additional person is $25. We provide the tackle. Contact or 903.789.3213
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